Every single one of us has our own unique intelligence. Our own innate talents.

And yet the sort of intelligence and talents we seem to value most today focus on only a few of them. As a society we increasingly think of intelligence as about being good at math or a whizz at science, having the ability to speak a foreign language or write a killer history essay. Somewhere along the line we have forgotten to value creativity and those who create things with their hands, those who think outside the box and bring their ideas to life. And yet these skills are actually the most important factors in some fantastic careers.

Careers like hairdressing.

In this film, the current British Hairdresser of the Year Sally Brooks explains why hairdressing isn’t a ‘second-best’ career; that it’s actually a career choice full of opportunity and with the ability to grow and change with you throughout your life.  Along with videographer Gabriel Maciuca, also a barber, Sally takes us through the potential highlights of this exciting profession, asks big names in the industry to tell their stories, and also gives her own unique insight into what it takes to get to the very top…advice which can be translated across many other careers.

With hairdressing always topping the list of happiest industries to work in and great apprenticeships available, it really is a career worth exploring.


"Persuasive, passionate and a blooming good watch.. " — www.respectyou.me

"A beautiful and inspiring insight into the hairdressing industry - and a reminder of what makes British hairdressing great" — www.hji.co.uk